The Role of Community Table

Community Table is helping to establish a local food system that draws from the local landbase to sustainably produce, process, and market fresh and healthy food to meet the needs of the local community. We do this primarily by coordinating and supporting a network of business cooperatives, each addressing a particular aspect of the food system, each committed to the principles of transparency, equity, and trust. Our aim is to create a new local food economy that works to promote the health, well-being, and security of the land and people of our communities, all while providing just wages and a fair market environment.

Community Table is developing resources for people interested in starting businesses that contribute to the local food system. We are in the process of creating a membership structure that will help businesses get organized as cooperatives, facilitate networking, connect businesses to local markets, offer a Community Table product label guaranteeing standards of quality, sustainability, and fairness, and provide ongoing training and support. Please see What We Do for more details. And if you are so inspired, join us in working to create these important services. We can use your help.

The chart below gives an overview of some of the many aspects of the local food system that Community Table seeks to address.