What We Do

Community Table Member Services

Community Table is in the process of developing a number of services for member cooperatives interested in becoming a part of the local food system. Please contact us if you are interested in membership and would like further information.

Some of the services we are developing include:

  • Starting a Cooperative: Resources for setting up a local food system cooperative.
  • Online Member Resources: Handbooks, business contact lists, member information.
  • Networking:  Connect with other member cooperatives and local food system businesses. We can also help you get conference audio visual at https://conferenceaudiovisual.co.uk/ if you want to host your own events. You can also click here for outdoor lighting hire for events.
  • Community Table Label: As marketing tool and quality guarantee.
  • Access to Markets: We help find and develop local markets for member products and services.
  • Professional Business Consultants
  • Guidelines: Guidelines and best practice resources for local food system businesses.

The Community Table Label

We are developing a Community Table label guaranteeing standards of quality, sustainability, and fairness. The label will serve as a seal of quality and assurance that members may attach to their own uniquely branded products and services. A great marketing tool. As people become increasingly concerned about the impact of their food choices, they will begin looking for the Community Table label as a guarantee that their shopping dollars are contributing to a healthy local food system. Additionally, we’re integrating an event registration platform to streamline community events and further enhance engagement with our members. Furthermore, we are offering lighting hire services to our members for their events. For more information about our lighting hire services and to view our offerings, check out this site at https://lightinghirecompany.co.uk/.

People and Activities Around the Table

Many people have gathered around to move projects and initiatives forward with Community Table. As things go, some projects flourish and some do not. We are grateful for the effort and enthusiasm of many.

  • Urban Oasis Project
  • Hmong Farmers Cooperative
  • The Association for the Advancement of Hmong Women in Minnesota
  • CLAG (Cooperative of Latin American Growers)
  • Alliance for Sustainability CSA project
  • Midtown Global Market, Latino Economic Development Association, and the Cultural Wellness Center
  • The Africa Network for Development Inc. (ANDI) African Immigrant/Refugee Farmers Cooperative
  • Grow! Twin Cities Greenhouse and Nursery
  • Project SweetyPie
  • BOLD (Brothers Opportunity to Live Their Dream)
  • SOUL (Sisters Opportunities Unlimited)
  • Good Work Incubator
  • My Farm African Farmers Cooperative: Lead by farmer Siona Nchotu, we honor her and her work; she passed away in 2012.
  • And many other community members.